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เมนู Hard boiled chicken eggs

1. ไข่ต้ม หรือไข่นกกระทาตามชอบ

2. แครอท
3. งาดำ หรือสาหร่าย

4. มีดปลายแหลม

1. เลือกไข่ต้มที่เรียบเสมอกันทั้งลูก และพักทิ้งไว้ให้ไข่มีอุณหภูมิปกติ
2. แกะสลักไข่ขาว โดยใช้มีดกรีดขึ้นลงให้เป็นรอยหยัก ระวังไม่ให้ลึกโดนเนื้อไข่แดงนะคะ
3. เมื่อแกะครบวงรอบไข่ต้ม ก็ค่อยๆ ลอกส่วนบนออกได้
4. ตกแต่งใบหน้าด้วยแครอท สาหร่ายหรืองาดำตามชอบได้เลย

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Hard boiled chicken eggs

1. Start with boiled eggs. If you don’t have a great method for making boiled eggs that are easy to peel try this (and if you DO have a fool-proof way, please tell us immediately):

  • Put eggs in a pan covered with 2-3 inches of COLD water plus 1 tablespoon of salt

  • Bring to a boil

  • Turn burner off, place lid on top of pan and set the timer for 12 minutes

  • After 12 minutes, submerge eggs in an ice bath for 5 minutes

  • Jiggle the eggs to start cracking a bit, allowing the cold water to get under the shells

  • Start peeling

Also, I’ve heard that older eggs (10 days or so) actually peel better than fresh eggs. Mine were pretty fresh and still peeled well.

2. Slice a fat carrot into thin rounds. Use a paring knife to cut a pointed crown. Then make little slivers for the beaks.

3. Slice the tops of the eggs to slide the crowns in. And I used chia seeds for eyes, which stuck very well to the moist eggs.

4. Arrange your hens. I liked putting them on a bed of baby spinach for both color and propping up purposes.

I love having hard boiled eggs on hand to round out lunches for the kids or whip up a batch of egg salad in an instant. These were served with dinner for the whole family one night, then lunch the next day. If I had any left, I’d add mayo, mustard, a pinch of salt and a bunch of chopped dill pickles and serve them one more time tomorrow. Alas, they were too cute to last.

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